Do you need single wheels?

Graphene is the material of the future and the lightest material discovered to date.

With the GP:LTD we are launching a super versatile lightweight ultra wheels for Marathon and Rally.
Thanks to the characteristics of Graphene with 12K fiber, we have been able to bring this new Rim, 33mm wide and with a muscular look, to only 345gr.
Together with our new ceramicHubs Nexo Ratchet Z1, it brings the scale down to a spectacular 1,350g per set.

The inside of the Rim of 27mm offers maximum tire performance giving more traction and above all more grip in curves and camber. LTD LIMITED EDITION, due to the enormous time of craftsmanship and material, only few units can be produced each month.

Available sizes


Material Rim

Graphene with Hookless Carbon Fiber


12K Multilayer Carbon Fiber



Internal width


Outer width


Tyre type

Cover, Tubeless Ready


Nexo Ratchet Z1 24T (Option 48 Teeth) 


Ceramic Coax

Brake interface

Disc IS6

Front axle

Boost 15×110

Rear axle

Boost 12×148


Sram XD / Microspline


Sapim Aero CX-Ray Straight Pull

Weight (gr)




Recommended max. rider weight (kg)


Recommended tire size

2.20″ to 2.40″


UST Valves, Rim pre-installed, Wheel Covers, Carbon Key Chain


With our latest generation 5-axis CNC machines, we guarantee absolute precision in all machining operations.
Thanks to PAL TECH technology, we ensure 100% parallel bearings to offer maximum performance to your wheels.
The Hubs PROGRESS are designed for minimum weight and maximum durability.

PSG (Perfect Spoke geometry)

Each type of wheel has different requirements.
At Progress we design each wheel for its appropriate use.
The choice of spokes, hub design, Rim and centering are not left to chance.
On each Rim PROGRESS we add extra reinforcement material in the spoke area and we specify the seat angle of the nipples in perfect geometry with the spoke angle on the hub. This allows us to work with the optimum tension and get the maximum performance out of each wheel. In addition, we avoid spoke breakage and provide a long-lasting wheel.

ORTF (Optimized Rim & Tire fit)

Each modality needs its specific Rim along with its specific tire.
At PROGRESS we only offer Rims designed specifically for each type of wheel and use.
Only the perfect size, both inside and outside, allows you to install the perfect tire to fit properly on the Rim.
A wide Rim offers more stability and minimizes undercutting. It allows the tire to maintain a larger contact patch making it more stable against lateral forces.
On technical climbs it provides greater traction and on descents it improves cornering.

MTB Tire Width Recommendation

The inner dimension of the Rim is what gives us the width we should choose for our tire.
Here is our recommendation for MTB wheels.

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