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After many hours spent in design and wind tunnels we have done it. The fastest 50 disc brake wheels ever tested in a wind tunnel. A most versatile set for mountain and flat with exceptional performance and featherweight.

Advanced Aerodynamics:

Maximum aerodynamic efficiency for exceptional performance. Rim wide curved minimizes air resistance, even with tires from 28mm. Air resistance of only 10.7 watts at 45 km/h in a wind attack range of +/- 20 degrees. AIR+PLUS design for maximum bike control in side winds and gusts. Harnesses the wind for significant aerodynamic advantage.


High Technology Construction:

The material of the future Carbon Fiber with Epoxy Graphene the lightest ever discovered. Hubs Nitro ceramic with minimum friction and maximum durability. Hand centered with SAPIM Aero CX-RAY spokes and self-locking nipples with correct tension on each spoke.

Bushing Nitro:

Ultra Lightweight machined 7075 aluminum with PAL-TECH 100% parallel bearings, maximum precision ceramic coaxial bearings with larger diameter 28mm to withstand thousands of kilometers. 3 pawls with 24 and optional 36 teeth provide minimum friction and firm engagement. The Nitro offers a unique weight to durability ratio.

Centering wheels since 1984

Available sizes


Material Rim

Graphene with carbon fiber


12K Carbon Fiber with profile AIR+PLUS



Internal width


Outer width


Tyre type

Cover, Tubeless Ready


Nitro Ceramic Disc ROAD


Ceramic Coax

Brake interface

Center Lock

Front axle


Rear axle



Shimano / Sram XD-R / Campagnolo


Sapim Aero CX-Ray Straight Pull

Weight (gr)

Cover: 1440 / Tubular: 1310



Recommended max. rider weight (kg)


Recommended tire size

23mm to 32mm


UST valves, Pre-installed Rim bottom, Valve extensions, Wheel covers, Key ring Carbon

AIR+PLUS High speed technology

Why are aerodynamics so important for your wheels?
For example, when you are going 40km/h your wheels spin at twice the speed and side winds with strong gusts are capable of throwing you off the road.
With our new AIR PLUS aerodynamic design, Rim fully curved and with maximum width of 28mm, side wind is no longer a problem. It also allows the use of wide tires without negatively influencing the wind flow.


With our latest generation 5-axis CNC machines, we guarantee absolute precision in all machining operations.
Thanks to PAL TECH technology, we ensure 100% parallel bearings to offer maximum performance to your wheels.
The Hubs PROGRESS are designed for minimum weight and maximum durability.

PSG (Perfect Spoke geometry)

Each type of wheel has different requirements.
At Progress we design each wheel for its appropriate use.
The choice of spokes, hub design, Rim and centering are not left to chance.
On each Rim PROGRESS we add extra reinforcement material in the spoke area and we specify the seat angle of the nipples in perfect geometry with the spoke angle on the hub. This allows us to work with the optimum tension and get the maximum performance out of each wheel. In addition, we avoid spoke breakage and provide a long-lasting wheel.

Tire Width Recommendation

For maximum aerodynamic efficiency in your wheels we recommend that the tire width does not exceed the outside width of the Rim.
Our Rims AIR+PLUS are very wide with 21 mm inside and 28 or 30mm outside, which open the tire enough for the tire walls and Rim to form a line without a step.23 or 25 tires or tubulars up to 28mm are perfectly integrated in our Rims AIR+PLUS .As a reference we have tested in the wind tunnel the air resistance of the APRIME with
23mm tire = 10,7 Watts
25mm tire = 12,1 Watts
Tire of 28mm = 13,6 Watts
Expl: Aero wheels with Rim outside width 24mm and 25mm tire = 16,8 Watts

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