"The rush of wind against your face, the freedom of the open road, and the unbeatable power of Progress's carbon fiber construction - there's nothing quite like it."


Perfection is found in our road wheels.

The combination of materials such as carbon, graphene and aluminum allows us to offer a versatile and advanced catalog.

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Each type of wheel has different requirements.

At Progress we design each wheel for its intended use.
The choice of spokes, the hub design, the Rim and the centering are not left to chance.
On each Rim PROGRESS we add extra reinforcement material in the spoke area and we specify the seat angle of the nipples in perfect geometry with the spoke angle on the hub. This allows us to work with the optimum tension and get the maximum performance out of each wheel. In addition, we avoid spoke breakage and provide a durable wheel.

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Why are aerodynamics so important for your wheels?

For example, when you're going 40km/h your wheels spin at twice the speed and side winds with strong gusts are capable of knocking you off the road.
With our new aerodynamic AIR PLUS design, Rim fully curved and with maximum width of 28mm, side wind is no longer a problem. It also allows the use of wide tires without negatively influencing the wind flow.

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