Mountain bike

Carbon fiber wheels provide excellent stiffness and responsiveness for mountain biking.


More than 10 years of evolution to be able to offer the best product today.

Mountain biking is evolving by leaps and bounds, requiring demanding, light and resistant material. Progress works every day to get the latest technologies that can offer the best product to its customers.

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Each type of wheel has different requirements.

At Progress we design each wheel for its intended use.
The choice of spokes, the hub design, the Rim and the centering are not left to chance.
On each Rim PROGRESS we add extra reinforcement material in the spoke area and we specify the seat angle of the nipples in perfect geometry with the spoke angle on the hub. This allows us to work with the optimum tension and get the maximum performance out of each wheel. In addition, we avoid spoke breakage and provide a durable wheel.

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Each modality needs its specific Rim along with its specific tire.

At PROGRESS we only offer Rims designed specifically for each type of wheel and use.
Only the perfect size, both inside and outside, allows you to install the perfect tire to fit properly on the Rim.
A wide Rim offers more stability and minimizes undercutting. It allows the tire to maintain a larger contact patch making it more stable against lateral forces.
On technical climbs it provides greater traction and on descents it improves cornering.

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Speaking of aluminum, we're talking about the best.

A carbon Rim is 6x stiffer than a conventional aluminum Rim .

With the Dynam alloy we reduce this ratio to 40%.


This lightweight material ultra has superior mechanical properties, such as increased tensile strength and impact resistance.


In short, it is much stiffer than the standard alloys used in most Rims on the market.


In addition, this material has a content of 70% of recycled students, fused with other alloys and pressed with gigantic pressure.


The tubeless ready profile reinforced in the spoke area with its high impact resistance allows you to inflate your tires to the right pressure.


The high-end static graphic application technique makes these Rims really stand out from the crowd.


Discover our superior aluminum range and check its featherweight.

  • 30% more rigidity
  • Ultra light
  • Ultra resist against impacts
  • Graphics ultra resistant
  • Most of it recycled aluminum

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