"Feel the rush of adrenaline as you push yourself to new heights with every pedal stroke - and trust in Progress to deliver the ultimate cycling experience with cutting-edge carbon fiber technology."


Highest demands for maximum power

The E-bike world has revolutionized the entire cycling industry. We have had to adapt the lightness to the demands and power of an ebike. At Progress we decided to develop specific material for this discipline in order to meet all the requirements 100%.

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Each modality needs its specific Rim along with its specific tire.

At PROGRESS we only offer Rims designed specifically for each type of wheel and use.
Only the perfect size, both inside and outside, allows you to install the perfect tire to fit properly on the Rim.
A wide Rim offers more stability and minimizes undercutting. It allows the tire to maintain a larger contact patch making it more stable against lateral forces.
On technical climbs it provides greater traction and on descents it improves cornering.

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Each type of wheel has different requirements.

At Progress we design each wheel for its intended use.
The choice of spokes, the hub design, the Rim and the centering are not left to chance.
On each Rim PROGRESS we add extra reinforcement material in the spoke area and we specify the seat angle of the nipples in perfect geometry with the spoke angle on the hub. This allows us to work with the optimum tension and get the maximum performance out of each wheel. In addition, we avoid spoke breakage and provide a durable wheel.

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